Mekdam CAMS

Mekdam C.A.M.S (Centralized Alarm Monitoring System) is best known for its work with Qatar’s Ministry of Interior (MOI), where it helped the government meet its safety and security needs in the country.

Mekdam CAMS is authorized by the MOI Telecommunications Department to offer alarm system connectivity by connecting business and residential premises with fire detection and theft & intrusion alarm systems, with a direct link to the National Command Centre (NCC).

The NCC is connected to entities including Police, Ambulance, Fire Security & Safety services. CAMS is widely used across Qatar and other markets to manage emergency situations that could post life or asset threatening events.

With Mekdam CAMS, remote access is possible for all resources through the NCC. This seamless connectivity has enabled Mekdam Cams to build it’s customer profile to more than 4,000 satisfied CAMS users across key industries and residences around Qatar.


  • Centralized Alarm Monitoring Station (CAMS)
  • Intrusion and burglary alarm system
  • Virtual guarding services & CCTV integration
  • Central control designing
  • Maintenance services
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Intrusion alarm for armoured vehicle
  • MOI Centralised Alarm Monitoring System
  • Alarm Monitoring Solutions for private sectors
  • Development/Integration of centralized software


  • 100% Qatari application owned by Qatar based company
  • Automated alarms to a central location – National Command Centre
  • Alarm monitoring system
  • Handshake features
  • Geographical information system (GIS) about the accident site/location
  • Automatic notification based on events will be sent to user mobile phones or email
  • Incident handling- Multiple dynamic action plan based on event type, time of day, and alarm zone
In partnership with Ministry of Interior Qatar
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